TMS offers one-stop solutions for cement and related industry’s mechanical equipment. Services include but not limited to overhauling, parts refurbishment, manufacturing and in-situ repair of raw material processing machineries  such as crushers and mill parts, coal mill, raw mill and cement mill components, material handling equipment and parts, VRM/kiln/rotary feeder parts.

Raw material machineries:

  • Rotor crushers repair and overhaul
  • Mill liner replacement
  • Supply of impact liners, rotor ledges, hammers and other liners
  • Rotor shaft alignment check and manufacturing

Raw mill & Cement mill:

  • Shell segment replacement with drilled holes
  • Supply of head liners, intermediate wall liners, end wall liners with mounting bolts
  • Manhole covers (manufacture and repair)
  • Drive gearbox including girth gear at various stages (overhaul, parts placement/manufacture)
  • Slide shoe manufacture repair with re-babbiting
  • Intermediate shaft manufacture
  • Coupler machining and manufacture
  • In-situ machining of locating holes of mill trunnion bearing housing and coupler
  • Hydraulic cylinders

Vertical roller mill:

  • VRM hub overhaul including spacer machining and bearing replacement


  • Slide gates overhaul and manufacture
  • Support roller drive gear box overhaul and parts manufacture
  • Support roller trunnion
  • White metal bearing refurbishment of support roller
  • Thruster and guide roller overhaul

Rotary air lock feeder housing:

  • Casing and rotor refurbishment and manufacture of parts including assembly
  • Re-claimer mill parts including chain sprocket, chain, shafts, hub and rails

Material handing:

  • Overhaul, manufacture and assembly(Idler rollers, drive rollers, screws, casings)